Other Minds – Reviews and Extras

1677-at-47-color-of-bw-shot-for-webA review in the LA Times (Meehan Crist).

A review in Science (Ophelia Deroy).

An adapted excerpt from Chapter 7, about the puzzle of aging, in the New York Times.

An article in the Atlantic, about the book and other octopodean matters, by Olivia Judson.

A review in the Seattle Times (Irene Wanner).NYT OM sst

An excerpt from the book (edited quite a lot) in Scientific American.

A review in the New York Times (by Carl Safina), with a podcast attached.


A review in the Guardian (UK).

A review in the Wall Street Journal (Colin McGinn).

A review in the Chicago Tribune (Nick Romeo).

A review in the Economist.

A review in the Washington Post (Callum Roberts).

A Cosmos & Culture (NPR) post by Alva Noë.
An article in the New Republic (Adam Gaffney).

A review in the The Times (UK).

Literary Review (Charles Foster, of Being a Beast).Atlantic sst om

Radio etc: Studio 360, Big Think, Mind over Matter, New York Times podcast.

Times OM review SST 2017Guardian sst om

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