Culture and Politics

Tesseract 1 cmp• Two papers written with Ben Kerr about tolerance: a very short article in The Conversation, and a longer paper now out in the Journal of Political Philosophy.

Loss of Music (The Conversation).

After Orlando (unpublished).

• Posts from my Metazoan blog about animal issues: Rivalry, Rivalry 2, Seafood, Raised by the Mountains, Postscripts, Reflections on Food and Farming.

• Posts about environmental issues: The Bower, Beasts and Reef, Ecomodernism?

Slides from “Boundaries of Consideration” (Effective Altruism talk, 2019).

On The Coming Plague – a 1997 book review. 

• “Covid Heterodoxy in Three Layers” – an archive of different versions, 1, 2, 3, 4C, 4D, 4K. Now published.

• “Climatic and Other Catastrophes” – an archive of different versions, E, F, G.


The figure on the right was done by Ben Kerr, as an early version of the main figure used in our longer paper about tolerance. This is the tesseract of tolerance. (A note explaining it is [eventually…here.)