Dewey and Pragmatism

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• Dewey on Naturalism, Realism, and Science. Presented at PSA 2000. Dewey’s later work (from 1925) develops a form of naturalism with important differences from versions familiar today.

• Dewey, Continuity, and McDowell. John D’s Experience and Nature compared to John McD’s Mind and World. (Appears in Mario De Caro and David MacArthur’s book Normativity and Nature, 2010.)

• Dewey and the Subject-Matter of Science. Given at Dewey’s 150th birthday celebration at the Center for Inquiry in 2009. Published in Dewey’s Enduring Impact, edited by John Shook and Paul Kurtz.

• A review of Dewey’s Experience and Nature. Appears in Topoi’s series of “Untimely Reviews” of classic philosophical works (2013).

• Dewey and the Question of Realism.  Now in Noûs, 2013. (Preprint here.)

• Dewey and Anti-Representationalism. For Steven Fesmire’s Oxford Handbook of Dewey. 

* A page discussing, and linking to, a scan of the 1925 Introduction to Experience and Nature.


• Quine and Pragmatism. With a few pivotal remarks, Quine changed the path of the pragmatist lineage in philosophy. In the Blackwell Companion to Quine (2014).

Pragmatism: Philosophical Aspects. In the International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition, 2015.

• Finding Your Way Home (Dreyfus, Taylor, Dewey, Heidegger, Rorty). With extra notes here.

• An older paper about Spencer, Dewey, and biology.

The photo of John Dewey, one I’d not seen before, is taken from the Classic Typewriter Page.