School of History and Philosophy of Science

University of Sydney


Recent papers and talks:

On The Coming Plague – a 1997 book review. Plus some thoughts on our present problems.

Varieties of Subjectivity

Models, Fictions, & Conditionals

Tolerance: A Hierarchical Analysis (with Ben Kerr). Email me if you would like a copy.

* A page with reviews and extra material related to Other Minds

(Photo by Daniel Boud)



Other recent papers:

• The Dual Landscape Model of Adaptation and Niche Construction (with Mark Tanaka and Ben Kerr).

 Evolving Across the Explanatory Gap

In the Beginning There Was Information?

Individuality, Subjectivity, and Minimal Cognition

Communication and Representation as Sender-Receiver Coordination (with Ron Planer).

Loss of Music

Art and Evolution (a book review).