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Recent papers and talks:

Covid Heterodoxy in Three Layers (4K). Now publishedReply to Akçay.

Climatic and Other Catastrophes – a talk given at Columbia U., 2022. Mostly about science, incentives, and trust. Now with additions.

Two corrections to Theory and Reality, 2nd ed.

Models, Fictions, & Conditionals

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Other recent papers:

Philosophy and Science (New School talk, 2014, NYC)

If Not Vegan, then What? (Aeon)

Octopus Debris Throwing (PLOS One)

Tolerance: A Hierarchical Analysis (with Ben Kerr). Preprint

On ‘Longtermism’

Gradualism and the Evolution of Experience

•  Philosophers and Other Animals (in Aeon, with extra notes here).

Food and Farming (draft)

•  Reafference and the Origin of the Self in Early Nervous System Evolution, (Jékely, Godfrey-Smith, Keijzer),

• The Dual Landscape Model of Adaptation and Niche Construction (with Mark Tanaka and Ben Kerr). Preprint version here.

* A page with reviews and extra material related to Other Minds

On The Coming Plague – a 1997 book review. 

Varieties of Subjectivity

Materialism, Then and Now [where ‘then’ is 1968]

Evolving Across the Explanatory Gap

Communication and Representation as Sender-Receiver Coordination (with Ron Planer).

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In the Beginning There Was Information?

Individuality, Subjectivity, and Minimal Cognition

Loss of Music

Art and Evolution (a book review).