Underwater Articles

Giant-Cuttlefish-P7091865-PGSThe papers below are mostly about cephalopods, the group of animals that includes octopuses, cuttlefish, and squid.

My blog discusses these animals and other underwater topics as well.

* Coverage of our octopus work in the New York TimesBBC, and The Guardian. (Here is a page collecting the media coverage.)


• “Signal Use by Octopuses in Agonistic Interactions” (D. Scheel, P. Godfrey-Smith, M. Lawrence) Current Biology 26 (2016): 1-6.

• Cephalopods and the Evolution of the Mind. In Pacific Conservation Biology, 2013.

• Long-Term High-Density Occupation of a Site by Octopus tetricus, with Possible Site Modification Due to Foraging Behavior. Written with Matthew Lawrence. Marine and Freshwater Behavior and Physiology, 2012. Observations of a site in Australia. For an update about the site, see here.

• “Octopus tetricus as an Ecosystem Engineer,” with David Scheel (first author), and Matthew Lawrence, in Scientia Marina. A second paper about the Octopolis site. Boston Rev sst octos 2013

• On Being an OctopusBoston Review, 2013. What might it be like to be one of these animals? A Nautilus interview on the same themes is here.

Pac Conservation Cover 2013 2 small

•  A book review of Cephalopod Cognition (edited by Darmaillacq,  Dickel, & Mather)  in Animal Behavior, 2015.

• A new paper about the evolution of communication, with some underwater content.

• Field Observations of Mating in Octopus tetricus and Amphioctopumarginatus, with Christine HuffardMolluscan Research, 2010.

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